Blinds that Beat the Summer Heat

That South African summer – something we spend almost the whole year waiting for. Bring on the braais, the pool and beach days, the cocktails and that feeling of good old freedom! Oh and the heat, too… If the heat is your arch-nemesis, have a look at some window treatment tips to increase your comfort […]

How to Save Energy with your Blinds

Well, what are energy-saving blinds? To answer this seemingly simple question, we first need to establish what energy we’re talking about and why we need to save it. We all have windows in our homes – without them, we might go stir-crazy with cabin fever. But did you know that you might be losing air […]

6 Ideal Blinds for Office Environments

Windows without a covering or window treatment might bring in a lot of light, but with that light comes an assortment of otherwise avoidable problems. And these problems double in weight when pertaining to an office. For example, the glare on a computer screen can deter someone from doing their job to the best of […]

3 Types of Window Blinds Perfect for Hospitality Industry

From hotels to guest houses to private dining areas, it can be a mission to find the perfect window treatments for your hospitality business. Thankfully at Executive Blinds, we pride ourselves with a range of products that will suit any window shape or size from curved headrails for bay windows to sloping tracks for angled windows. […]

How to Spring Clean Venetian Blinds

Springtime is here, so is the perfect time to have your house spring cleaned. When its spring-cleaning time, many people focus on cleaning the rest of the house and tend to forget about their window treatments. This is common amongst those who have blinds installed in their homes. So why do people forget about spring […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Blinds Over Curtains

When it’s time to choose window furnishings there are only two options to choose from, you either go for blinds or curtains. Some people want to use a mixture of the two in their homes, but many homes in South Africa choose curtains. The reason for this choice could be that many people don’t know […]

How to choose outdoor blinds for your patio

No matter how much you love hosting friends over for a braai and some sundowners on a Saturday afternoon, not having outdoor blinds for your patio is always an issue especially in winter or during rainy seasons. Outdoor blinds have become an in thing for trendsetters throughout South Africa, so why not do the right thing and give your home […]

How vision blinds improve your home interior décor

These days having curtains that are only beautiful but not functional isn’t an option, one needs to invest in window fittings that are multifunctional. Such window fittings are not only an investment to your home but make your life much more comfortable. In this month’s blog, we introduce one of our most loved window fittings; vision […]

Skylight Blinds – Aesthetically Pleasing and Functional

It’s only a few months until sunny summer days are back. This means clear skies, days at the beach and skylights bringing in beautiful sun rays into your house. As you start thinking about which items will need to be moved to the garage when it’s time for spring cleaning, it’s best to also think […]

4 Reasons why you should choose Bamboo Blinds

Choosing new window blinds isn’t as easy as it seems, especially with the wide range of options at your disposal. However, if you’re looking for a stunning finish that is packed with functionality, bamboo blinds are the obvious choice and here’s why. Bamboo blinds have a wide variety When looking for blinds you want to have choices […]

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