How to Save Energy with your Blinds

Well, what are energy-saving blinds?

To answer this seemingly simple question, we first need to establish what energy we’re talking about and why we need to save it.

We all have windows in our homes – without them, we might go stir-crazy with cabin fever. But did you know that you might be losing air through gaps in your window instalments allowing air to leak through.

Now, everyone loves fresh air, but this becomes a problem when we consider the weather. Imagine losing your warm air in the middle of winter, only to have cold outside air seep in. The same goes for the opposite, when you need to cool down from the outside heat.

Roughly 25% of annual heating and cooling costs are owing to air leakage through windows (which increases to up to 40% for older homes). So to save on the energy to heat or cool your home and to combat this without having to replace your windows with energy-efficient windows, consider your window treatment options.

Below are some of the blinds and window treatments which can save you energy and keep your home temperature just the way you like it.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds cover the whole window area, enabling them to provide insulation, keeping warmth in during the winter and keeping the harsh summer sun out, too. This alone could save you up to 20% in energy costs. Using a blackout fabric can make your heating and air-conditioning more effective, too, especially for office environments.

Translucent shades allow a lot of direct sunlight into a room should you be chasing the sun, but to moderate this efficiently, go for SheerWeave blinds. These blinds limit sun exposure, managing the sun and glare significantly without restricting the light that comes into your home.

The bonus feature of the SheerWeave option is its attractive texture and sheen.

Cellular Shade Blinds or Honeycomb Blinds

Cellular shade blinds are the best option for all of your energy-saving and insulation needs.

These shades are made from solid, lightweight, pleated fabric that forms a honeycomb pattern, allowing it to trap the air to provide added insulation and comfort. The look is unique and contemporary, and the technology is flawless – leading the pack for regulating room temperatures.

The bonus feature of this window treatment is that it does not only insulate heat, but also sound.


There are a variety of different shutter types to choose from, and almost all will help block light out and offer additional protection from the elements. Installed tightly to the window frame, shutters create a barrier which keeps cold air out in winter and allows control of the sunrays and hot air in summer.

The bonus feature of shutters is that it also adds to the overall value and charm of your home, over and above saving you energy costs.

Executive Blinds

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