3 Ways to Reinvent your Home for Autumn

After a summer well spent, we get some respite. The cooler breeze is juxtaposed with warmer colours and the leaves fall in the most symbolic way.

If anything inspires change, it is autumn.

So here are some easy seasonal changes to help you reinvent your home this autumn.

1. Colour scheme

When you hear the word ‘autumn’, your mind automatically conjures up imagery in hues of golden mustard, rusty orange, burnt ochre and blustery burgundy.

And it is feelings of warmth and comfort that accompany these images, isn’t it? So why not bring this cosiness to your space with the magic of colour?

  • Try a warm accent wall for a big statement which can be matched with décor in contrasting, complementary colours when autumn is over.
  • Throws and throw pillows allow you to express your unique taste and personal style, whether that be in florals, graphics, patterns or block colours.
  • Change your rugs, bedding and linen to a more autumnal colour scheme as you get used to the colder nights surrounded by proverbial warmth.

2. Accessories

There are various ways that you can incorporate a more cosy way of life into your space for autumn, too.

  • Throws and throw pillows come up again, but this time as a functional item rather than an aesthetic one. Keeping a throw on the couch, for example, keeps it handy and accessible as you become accustomed to the chill in the air as summer slowly leaves us.
  • Candles are not just for loadshedding! Spoil yourself with a few scented candles to keep in your favourite parts of the house for the evenings. Our favourite autumn scents include cinnamon, citrus, vanilla, salted caramel, and honeycomb.
  • Incorporate woods in your décor – be that in small things like coasters or serving trays, or bigger things like side or console tables.
  • Enjoy the resilience of succulents, which aren’t as weather-dependant or seasonal as other flowers and plants. Not only do they come in an array of colours that can take you from your autumn colour scheme all the way back to summer again, but they are also as low-maintenance as they come.
  • If you’re not prepared to be indoors just yet, invest in a fire pit to sit around as you share your summer stories and winter plans.

3. Window treatments

Each falling leaf may bring us closer to winter, but your window treatments can make that transition much easier for you.

  • Manage the heat of the strong autumn sun with vision blinds, also known as double-roller blinds.
  • Energy-saving blinds such as the increasingly-popular cellular shade blinds will help you keep the temperatures just right using their innovative honeycomb technology.
  • Control the breeze with classic shutters, which upgrade both the interior and exterior look of your home.
  • And if your goal is purely aesthetic, the SheerWeave roller blinds will complete your rustic autumn finishes perfectly.

Inspired and excited for all the changes to come?


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