6 Tips for Choosing Colours for your Window Blinds

How exciting it is to refresh your space with brand-new blinds!

We’ve got 6 top tips to help you choose the right colours for your new window blinds – read below to equip yourself with everything you need to know as you enliven your space with Executive Blinds.

1. Redecorating Plans

Your first step is to do some introspection. How often do you plan on redecorating your space, and do you want to have to change your blinds each time?

If you go for a more neutral window treatment, you’ll be able to repaint and refresh as often as you like without needing to reconsider your blinds.

2. Light or Dark

Next, you must consider the size of the room and how much light you need.

In a small or cramped space, lighter blinds can make the room feel bigger and more spacious and bright.

In a large, cold room, on the other hand, darker blinds can cosy up the space.

3. Wood or Wood Not

Does your room already make use of a lot of wood? Wooden floors, cupboards or furniture?

Match up your window treatment to your woods by opting for wooden Venetian blinds or bamboo roller blinds. Sometimes the only wood you have in your space is your skirting, and a matching blind can really make the outline of the room pop.

Fun fact: You can get aluminium Venetian blinds in a wood-look, too!

4. Looking In

Are your rooms street-facing? If so, do you want all of your windows to look the same from the outside?

This might lead you to look for a colour which is neutral enough to match all of the rooms, even if the décor is different in each.

5. Aesthetic Ambience

What is the overall look and feel of your room?

A chic and modern space will be well-suited to classic aluminium Venetian blinds, as well as to neat roller blinds.

If your space is more earthy, woods can complement the other warm tones in the room.

Colourful and eclectic spaces can benefit from a colourful or designer patterned Roman blind as much as it can from a custom vision blind. Perhaps your window treatment can even be the feature piece of your room?

And if you’re looking for something elegant, warm and timeless, neutrals are available in the distinguished honeycomb blinds, stylish Sheerweave blinds, and classy vertical blinds.

6. The 3-Colour Rule

As exciting as it is to add an accent colour to your favourite areas in your home, try not to include more than 3 colours in your palette. Lighter or darker shades of one colour don’t count as extra colours though. You could have 5 different shades of green, tied together by 1 dark neutral and 1 light neutral – and that will make up your 3 colours.

To choose colours which contrast or complement each other to bring out the best in your space, have a look at a colour wheel or colour scheme generator for ideas.


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