5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Blinds Over Curtains

When it’s time to choose window furnishings there are only two options to choose from, you either go for blinds or curtains. Some people want to use a mixture of the two in their homes, but many homes in South Africa choose curtains. The reason for this choice could be that many people don’t know the benefits that come with blinds and some might assume the price to be a bit hefty.

In this blog, we’ll unpack the unique selling points which make blinds the better option to curtains.

Easy Cleaning & Maintenance

When compared to curtains, blinds are much easier to clean and maintain. With blinds, there’s no unnecessary unhooking from curtain rails you. You can wipe your blinds with a soft dust cloth, feather duster or vacuum brush, giving you more time to do the things you’d rather be doing with your time.

Guaranteed Durability

It goes without a saying that blinds offer more durability than curtains on any given day. This is because blinds are made from materials like wood and composites, which work to enhance longevity and withstand any wear and tear that comes with daily use.

An issue that continues to persist with curtains is how they can lose colour and fade over time, due to sun exposure. Blinds, on the other hand, are made with various materials, including aluminium blinds, which is highly resistant to weathering and discolouration.

Wide Variety

Blinds not only add an elegant and modern feel to your home they are also versatile and are available in various styles, finishes and materials to suit any room from fabric (e.g. Venetian blindsRoller BlindsSliding Panel Blinds & Skylight Blinds), to wood and aluminium. Curtains commonly come in fabric.


Blinds are typically more cost-effective than curtains. This is a drawcard not just for homeowners, but for those with rental properties and businesses. They are a way better investment to curtains.

Light Control

Curtains only have the option of being open or closed. Therefore, one is limited when it comes to light control. Blinds, on the other hand, can be made in a Venetian style, consisting of slats which can be tilted to allow just the needed amount of light. This is perhaps one of the primary reasons why people choose blinds over curtains.

As we enter spring, there’s no better way to give your home or offices a spring clean than purchasing new blinds. Contact Executive Blinds supplier today for a great alternative to curtains and enjoys the numerous benefits.


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