How to Spring Clean Venetian Blinds

Springtime is here, so is the perfect time to have your house spring cleaned. When its spring-cleaning time, many people focus on cleaning the rest of the house and tend to forget about their window treatments. This is common amongst those who have blinds installed in their homes.

So why do people forget about spring cleaning their blinds; this is usually because of two reasons, one: most people forget that blinds need to be cleaned now and then, two; many people don’t know how to clean their blinds.

Well as blinds experts, at Executive Blinds we know all about blinds, and in this blog, we’ve got just the tips you need to have your Venetian blinds cleaned.

Venetian blinds continue to be a popular window treatment solution in most homes since the horizontal slats can be easily adjusted to let in any amount of light. These blinds also come in a wide variety of materials to suit a room’s style. Executive Blinds has a wide variety of wooden and aluminium Venetian blinds to choose from.

Much like with any furnishing, Venetian blinds accumulate dust and need to be cleaned periodically. Wiping off the dust from time to time or using vacuum can be an efficient way. However, when your blinds need deeper cleaning, scrubbing them with soapy water or take them down for soaking.

There are numerous ways to cleaning Venetian blinds, from scouring them as they hang or soaking them in the bathtub. In this blog, we’ll look at the various means to get your Venetian blinds spring cleaned with ease.

Light Spring Cleaning

For those who have their Venetian blinds cleaned, spring cleaning this year won’t be too much work. We’ve got a few tips on how to carry out your light spring cleaning.

To remove excess dust from the surface, all you need is a cloth or feather duster to work your way across the panels. Make sure to clean them one by one to get rid of as much dust as possible.

If your blinds have also built up some minor stains, you can use this simple home remedy to remove them:

  • Mix up a cleaning solution of 50% water and 50% vinegar in a bowl
  • Use an old sock, put it on like a glove and dip your hand into the mixture
  • Gently grip both sides of the blind slats as you move across, paying extra attention to the stains
  • While it’s essential to ensure that the blinds are clean, don’t forget about the other sections such as the handles and strings, it can be easy to forget these.
  • DO NOT use any old liquid to clean real or fake wooden blinds, or you may permanently stain or even distort them – instead, stick to a light dusting and make sure you check with your manufacturer as to which products would be most suitable

Executive Blinds TIP: Use a cotton wool bud to clean those small, challenging to reach spots.

Deep Spring Cleaning

When it’s time to deep clean the Venetian blinds you’ll need to take them down from the windows, because not all blinds are built with the same locking mechanism, do check the owner’s manual for more specific instructions. Generally, you do not need anything other besides a screwdriver. It is critical to make sure they are shut before you remove them from the fitting, and then put them in the base of your bathtub. This will allow you to clean them thoroughly without any hassles.

To give your Venetian blinds a perfect spring clean, follow these easy steps:

  • Fill the bathtub with warm water, making sure the blinds are completely soaked and add a cleaning solution (dishwashing liquid works excellent).
  • Leave the blinds soaked for half an hour to three hours, depending on the amount of dirt they have. If any stains don’t come off during soaking, you may need to use a soft cleaning brush to gently remove any remaining dirt, and be sure to remember to turn the blinds over to check both sides for marks.
  • Thoroughly rinse with cold water, using your shower head to spray it all over until the soap has completely come off.
  • Make sure the blinds are completely dry before you put them back in place so that they don’t develop mould.
  • If the weather permits, hang them over a sturdy rail outside or allow them to dry on your shower rail inside. Don’t leave them on warm radiators, because this may cause them to warp.
  • Once the blinds are dried, carefully put them back in place. With regular light cleaning, you should only have to clean them deeply once or twice a year.

Executive Blinds Tip: If you need to dry your blinds quickly, you can use a hairdryer on a cool setting to reduce waiting time.

We’ve given you the tips now the ball is in your court. Get your spring cleaning clothes on and get to cleaning those blinds.

From us at Executive Blinds, see you next time.


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