4 Reasons why you should choose Bamboo Blinds

Choosing new window blinds isn’t as easy as it seems, especially with the wide range of options at your disposal. However, if you’re looking for a stunning finish that is packed with functionality, bamboo blinds are the obvious choice and here’s why.

Bamboo blinds have a wide variety

When looking for blinds you want to have choices you can pick from, and that’s what bamboo blinds offer; a range of options you can choose from to suit your style.

Bamboo Venetian blinds are the most popular choice as they look just like timber Venetians but are made using bamboo instead.  Woven blinds are made from bamboo that has been woven together to creating a block out effect.

Bamboo blinds come in a roll up, drape, roman and spring roller styles and you also have the option to have them entirely custom made.  Bamboo blinds indeed are therefore one of the most logical option for your home.

Bamboo blinds are durable

Quality is the first thing you look for when choosing items for your home, and this is what bamboo blinds give you. Bamboo blinds can withstand changing weather conditions including intense sun and are amazingly moisture resistant; this makes them the perfect alternative to timber for wet area blinds.

Bamboo blinds are stylish

Compromising on your style should never cross your mind when it comes to your home. Bamboo blinds are there to make sure that never happens, with their stylish finish they complement any home. They can bring a tropical atmosphere in the house, a beachy feel or even just a classic, clean, modern look, setting your home apart from the rest of your neighbours.

Bamboo blinds are insulating

Looking to insulate your windows for the winter months? A standard woven wood shade does little to cover your windows, the added cloth liner in bamboo blinds creates an additional barrier between your home and the cold winter weather, this is an added reason to add bamboo blinds to your shopping list, I mean they are perfect for your summer days and keep in the heat during winter.

At Executive Blinds, we make sure you are spoilt for choice when it comes to bamboo blinds. With our wide range, you are sure to find something perfect for your pocket and style choice. Why not give us a call today and see how we can make your home look stunning without breaking a sweat.


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