How to choose outdoor blinds for your patio

No matter how much you love hosting friends over for a braai and some sundowners on a Saturday afternoon, not having outdoor blinds for your patio is always an issue especially in winter or during rainy seasons. Outdoor blinds have become an in thing for trendsetters throughout South Africa, so why not do the right thing and give your home an upgrade with outdoor blinds.

However, before you do that you need to know precisely how to choose the right outdoor blinds to suit your style and budget. In this blog, we look at the key things to consider when selecting outdoor blinds. These will assist you in making the best choice of outdoor blinds.


Your answer to this first question will assist in refining your outdoor blind options. Will your blinds act as protection layer to the new set of outdoor furniture you just purchased? Are you looking at converting the area to be used as another family living space? Do you want to add more privacy to your backyard? Deciding the purpose of your outdoor blinds is the first step in finding your perfect option.


To be able to utilise your outdoor space effectively whole year round, you’ll need to think about the impact that weather conditions will have on your area. In summer it is likely that you will need protection from the harsh sun, while in the colder months you will think about shelter from the wind and rain. Rather than having to choose one option over another or compromising on an outdoor blind solution, many options cater to all four seasons with retractable or demountable capabilities, and this leads us to the next point to consider when choosing outdoor blinds.


As seasons change, so do the weather conditions. Hence at times, you’ll want to open your outdoor blinds for extended periods – however, in some seasons because of the weather, you’ll have your blinds closed much earlier than usual because of the weather. It is at this point that you need to look at the different options of outdoor blinds available from our range to see which option is best suited to your needs.

Choosing between permanent or retractable outdoor blind options is all dependent on the level of operational ease you need.  With our outdoor sheerweave blinds being the smart choice for your patio, you have the luxury to choose between the crank system or a Somfy Motor operated blinds.

As times change, so does the need for outdoor blinds. Whether you are looking for your blinds to add to the aesthetics of your home or simply because of the fantastic benefits they bring, outdoor blinds in South Africa continue to serve many purposes for different households. As trusted outdoor blinds manufacture’s in South Africa, we will be sure to cater your need whatever they may be. Contact our office today for trusted outdoor blinds solutions.


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