How vision blinds improve your home interior décor

These days having curtains that are only beautiful but not functional isn’t an option, one needs to invest in window fittings that are multifunctional. Such window fittings are not only an investment to your home but make your life much more comfortable. In this month’s blog, we introduce one of our most loved window fittings; vision blinds, and we look at how they can improve your home’s interior décor.

Vision blinds are the type of blinds that can provide you with privacy through the day, while still letting the light in, and keep the rest of the world out at night. Utilising straightforward principle, we build our vision blinds with an additional layer of horizontal translucent strips that can be raised or lowered depending on your needs.

Without wasting any time, let’s get into it.


Vision blinds are known to be very stylish as they bring a unique and classy touch to your home’s interior design. They come in different design options which can give the freedom to choose which vision blinds are best suited for which rooms as they give you the option of fabric inserts or no fabric inserts. Our vision blinds are created in a variety of colours which can be included with your existing colour scheme.


As you’d expect from a product like vision blinds, how they look is just as important as how they perform, so we have a wide range of fabrics and styles available for you to choose from. All this includes the ideal combination of sliding layers of sheer horizontal fabric partnered with coloured material to perfectly complement your décor. The result is a vision blind that looks sensational and provides the privacy you need.


Image is everything and how your home looks is essential. With vision blinds, you can your give home a contemporary look and feel that will add to your home’s aesthetics. With the light control feature, the fabric of vision blinds ensures you can control the amount of light that comes into the house. Through this feature, you can create a beautiful ambience in the home.

Our range of vision blinds that are designed to meet your home décor needs, but more importantly, to provide you with a multipurpose window fitting to make your life much more comfortable.

Be sure to contact us for great deals on blinds throughout South Africa. With all the blinds on offer, you are guaranteed to find your favourite to give your home a beautiful, luxurious feel.


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