Why You Need Security Shutters…

Over the past year, crime statistics in South Africa have shown a slight decline in the number of reported house break-ins. This, however, isn’t necessarily a true reflection of things on the ground as many of us continue being victims of house robberies and break-ins. Many homes fall victim to these crimes because of lack of security in the household, be it electric fencing, burglar bars or security shutters. The absence of these security barriers presents the perpetrators with an opportunity to prey on these venerable households.

For many years at Executive Blinds, we have designed and installed security shutters in homes across the country, sadly many people still fail to understand the real value of security shutters. In this blog, we’ll be looking at the benefits of security shutters and why you need them in your home, especially in the times we live in.


Installing security shutters affords one more privacy as you can simply tilt of the louvers to obstruct sightlines into your home without losing the view, natural light, and fresh air. This is just too sleek, making security shutters an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home.


Security shutters have much more benefits over burglar bars, security shutters, by comparison, are aesthetically pleasing and offer the same protection against violent intrusion, if not more. This is because the security shutters are powder coated for a corrosion-resistant finish presenting a simple elegance that is not obtrusive and can be installed both outside and inside homes.

With sliding glass doors becoming a popular feature in many homes across the world, this sees them being identified as a security weakness by criminals. Security shutters maintain the beauty of your sliding doors while adding a seamless security feature to your home.


Security shutters are multidimensional in their use, not only do are they aesthetically pleasing and are a security feature, but they also act as an insulation against unpleasant weather conditions. With security shutters you can simply adjust the louvers to allow air in when it’s needed on a hot day and on cold winter days you can completely shut them, keeping the cold out.

At Executive Blinds, we make sure that our security shutters are well finished off to make them UV and fade resistant. This protective finish makes our security shutters durable enough to withstand even the harsh weather conditions in coastal areas.


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