What To Know When Buying An Awning

If you have a friend, sibling, cousin or significant other, then you’ve probably experienced early weekend mornings, cramped in a tiny shopping mall, surrounded by strangers that make it their mission to invade your personal space, which makes you want to run in the other direction. And if that’s not enough, when you finally reach your desired store, the person you’re with can’t decide on which product to buy.

It’s enough to drive anyone insane. In today’s society, most products are incredibly advanced, so-much-so, that we can become unsure of our decisions. It’s vital that you as a consumer educate yourself on the item so that you purchase the correct one.

At Executive Blinds, we not only supply stylish Awnings, but we aim to ensure we provide our customers with the correct information, so their shopping experience is smooth and pleasant.

There are a few things one needs to think about before taking that big step of investing in a remarkable Awning.


When considering installing awnings, you probably have an idea of where you’d like it to go. Majority of people that purchase the product place it above a door or a deck.

Don’t just purchase the first Awning that grabs your attention, go through the options andsmake sure it can be installed in the place you had in mind.


We all have our preferences, whether it’s the way we dress or the food we eat. The same applies to Awnings, as one might lean towards the manual version, whereas another person might choose the motorised option. It all depends on you.

It’s hard to decide which option is better as they suit specific needs.

Motorised Awnings are deemed more convenient and will prevent you from straining your arms, whereas Manuel Awnings are a fantastic choice if an electricity point is difficult to reach.


Because your Awning will most likely be placed outside, it could be prone to harsh weather conditions such as heavy rain, hail, wind and the harsh rays from the sun.

Make sure that the item you are purchasing is UV resistant, is of the highest quality and is suitable for your needs.

Don’t waste your valuable time this 2018, by standing around, confused and unsure of what you’re getting yourself into. Be prepared and remarkably informed about this fantastic product.  Make your neighbours green with envy by investing in your very own aesthetically pleasing custom-made Awnings.


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