What are Vision Blinds and their Benefits


Vision blinds are a stylish and striking shading that looks great in both classic and contemporary homes.  This elegant fabric filters and softens the light and also keep your home completely private.  The balance between privacy and light control is ideal.

Vision blinds consist of two layers of translucent and opaque horizontal stripes that can glide between each other to open or close complete offering visibility and light control.  Vision range fabric ranges from sheer metallic, delicate natural tones and natural wood colours to match your home decor.  The stripes have an alternating transparent layer, which can be seen when opened.


You get complete privacy when you fully close vision blinds.


The stunning fabric creates a beautifully bold statement when the blind is completely shut.  You opened you create a stunning striped statement.


If you need to see the kids playing outside or keep an eye on the fire while watching the rugby, then open the blind for complete visibility.


The variety of colours enables you to match your homes décor may it be a classic or modern look you are going for.  There is even fabric with a wood-weave effect to create a natural look.  The design options also add to the effect of your room.  You have the option of open or closed cassettes as well as fabric inserts or no fabric inserts.  Your selection will depend on your needs, preferences and interior design scheme.


Vision blinds come with the option of either electric or manual operation to suit your needs.  Electric vision blinds are more convenient to use than manual.


When the vision blinds are opened, they allow a certain amount of light in but when they are closed they DON’T act like a block-out and keep all the light out.  Instead, they create shade and remove all glare from outside.  The fabric also keeps all UV rays out of your home keeping your family safe from the harmful elements.


The additional layer over your windows helps keep the cold air from filling the room in winter and in summer it keeps the heat at bay by keeping the sun out.

Vision Blinds provide complete privacy, but they also give you the visibility you need to see out when you need to.  They’re stylish and bold.  A must for those looking to make a statement but still get full functionality out of a window treatment.


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