What are they and the three benefits of retro blinds?

Every month on the Executive blinds blog, we will be highlighting one of our product offerings and the benefits of having them in your home or business. Last month we looked at home automation and our automatic blinds. This month our product feature is our stylish and iconic Retro Blinds.

Before we get to the benefits of Retro Blinds, let’s get into what Retro blinds are.

What are retro blinds?

Retro blinds are 50mm aluminium blinds that are made up of aluminium headrails, aluminium stalling that can be combined with wood textures. If you are designing a home and wish to incorporate modern and contemporary elements together, using Retro blinds as a focal point to represent this into the design is a good option. Furthermore, the retro blinds are functional as they allow you to tilt the slats to both blocks out sun exposure and be able to see out the window.

How great is that? Let’s now look at the other benefits of this product offering.

  1. Retro blinds are practical and straightforward in their design

Retro blinds are designed in such a way to make them look sleek and simple. Thus, eliminating elements, like tracks or poles which adds to the sleek look of this product. Furthermore, Retro Blinds are extremely easy to use and operate as well as a practical solution for small windows.

  1. Retro Blinds are highly functional.

As mentioned above, retro blinds are easy to use, but their functionality extends beyond this. If you have rooms in your home that are prone to high levels of condensation – like in the kitchen, bathroom and patio – Retro blinds are ideal for these areas.

  1. Retro Blinds are made to size

If you are concerned about whether retro blinds will fit in your windows, worry not. Our consultants will come over to your home or office to do the measurements to ensure that your blinds are made to the correct sizing. This will eliminate errors that can be quite costly.

If you are reading this blog, and retro blinds sound appealing to you and your home design needs, then do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation. We would assist you at your earliest convenience.


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