What are the benefits of Roller Blinds

All throughout our schooling career, we were taught various things, from basic manners to different subjects, such as Mathematics, English, Biology and of course History. However, we didn’t learn about the history of Roller Blinds, which in fact has an impressive background.

History of the Roller Blind

Roller Blinds first originated in the 1700’s and were made from Holland Linen which comes from the Netherlands. It was then created in Glasgow, Scotland, by being bleached, dyed and starched. It was finally left to dry and pounded with solid wood bars. The entire process lasted up to 10 days.

The blinds in those days, however, did not have a spring mechanism, which meant that when the shade was closed, the fabric would lay in folds on the window ledge. To open the blind, a cord attached to a top rod would be pulled.

That is only a fraction of the story of Roller Blinds. Since then it has taken off and is now an international product, ranging from various textures and materials to an array of colours. Due to its advancement, many benefits have come from it.

Easy To Operate

What started out as a massive, complicated procedure has now evolved into a simple process. Roller Blinds are now known as the easiest blinds to operate, whether it is at home or the office.  It can be fully spring operated by a cord or fully motorised.

Long Lasting

Due to its bottom rung steel tube and high-quality fabrics, these blinds are highly durable. It has a top of the line operating system and has been specially treated to resist UV rays.

Cost Effective

Nobody enjoys spending large amounts of money, which is why Roller Blinds are an excellent solution. It is less expensive when compared to Venetian and Vertical Blinds but still looks equally as stylish and sophisticated.

Because of its great value, it’s no wonder this superb product ranks top when compared to all other types of blinds.


When it comes to style, trends come and go, it’s all good and well but can become exhausting to keep up, as well as costing a pretty penny. Revamp your home in a flash from a wide range of colours and fabrics. Add instant beauty to your home with this versatile product.

As the saying goes, when meeting someone new, it takes two minutes to make a first impression, it can either end in tragedy or success. The same applies to your home; this is why it’s imperative to make a lasting impact. Be the envy of your loved ones and family this year by investing in cost-effective Roller Blinds.


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