What are roman blinds and why choose them?

What started out as a cleaning method in Rome, over 2000 years ago, has now developed into an international 21st century, modern, decorative technique, made from the various material, each one having their own unique colour and texture.

You may be asking, what exactly are Roman blinds? Well, besides being a stylish accessory for your home. Roman blinds are actually made from fabric that is designed to pleat when raised. This serves as a great alternative to curtains for a number of reasons.

How it works

They are manufactured by installing slots, which are then connected to cards, into the back of the fabric panel. When the blind is lifted, the cards then pull the slots together, which then force the blind to fold into pleats.


Convenient and sophisticated, Roman blinds have become quite popular and will continue leaving fantastic first impressions throughout the world. On hot sunny days, this product is the perfect tool for simple and effective light control, which can be adjusted depending on the season and time of day.

Why choose Roman blinds

Whether you prefer neutral or bright colours, Roman blinds come in hundreds of different colours and patterns to suit your preference. By purchasing this fantastic product, it will not only give your space a comfy and trendy look, but the option of purchasing a blackout lining is also available, in order to control light entering the room.


To give the room a more pleasant look, the blinds can be layered with curtains in order to gain more privacy, so one is able to enjoy a relaxed evening in a tranquil setting.


It doesn’t matter what your space looks like, Roman blinds offer a range of tasteful fabrics in order to accommodate your taste. Fabrics such as silk, linen, cotton and synthetics are available. If you’d like to take care of the environment, thermal heating is recommended as it is energy efficient


Roman blinds are modish and convenient. It can either be fitted on the outside or within the recess. It is best to choose to install it outside, as it allows for more light and it’s easy to fit. Doing this will make sure bounce back won’t occur and the fabric will be less likely to fade.

By purchasing Roman blinds, you’re not only accessorizing your space, you’re also making an investment. This product is easy to use, looks phenomenal and is affordable, depending on the fabric, size and headrails.


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