Trends – Window Blinds to Inspire You This Spring

Spring is only a few weeks away, which means it’s almost time for some long-overdue spring cleaning and treating your house to some new curtains or even a new couch to replace that old one in the lounge. Before you start thinking about which window treatments to purchase this year, we’ve put together a list of the latest trends in window blinds and trust you’ll find inspiration from some of them and even purchase some for your home this coming spring.

Although the main products may stay the same in terms of function, much like the fashion industry, the colours, textures and designs change. We’ve selected our top 3 for you to take a look!

Classic Wooden Blinds in a Contemporary Kitchen

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Any contemporary kitchen looks picture-perfect with custom hand-crafted blinds in a natural wood tone. Wooden blinds bring a classic style to them, and the three individual sections covering the one large window give ultimate control over light and privacy. Consider the versatility wooden blinds can bring to your kitchen and how you can get creative with the installation to add your unique design twist.

We offer a dazzling selection of wooden blinds to match every home, and you’ll be able to choose from paints or stains in a whole spectrum of colours. If you’re concerned about wooden blinds and humidity in a kitchen, faux wood blinds are the perfect alternative.

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Bold Floral Roman Blinds for The Minimalist Lounge Area

Floral prints came back in fashion in 2018, and the trend is set to grow this year. Delicate cloth fabrics such as roman blinds and curtains the way to go for lounge areas as they give life to the room. The patterns are getting brighter, bigger and with exaggerated proportions. The colourways are also taking on a new palette with contrasting colours and more gorgeous designs. Roman blinds lend themselves to these significant patterns, so we can see this as being a big window blind trend for spring and summer in 2019.

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Sheer Blinds to Soften a Room’s Ambient Lighting

Layering sheer curtains is an old method used over many decades; however, utilizing sheer custom window blinds specifically designed for standalone use is popular when it comes to this year’s home décor trends. These blinds are perfect for open living room and dining space as they effortlessly bring a sophisticated touch. Sheer blinds also have a bit of opacity to them for privacy, but still, let in a fantastic amount of natural light.

A quick call and chat to one of the team members will outline what opacity levels or percentages are available for the custom window blinds and shades you’re most interested in.

Whether you are one to follow trends or not, investing in beautiful blinds should be something you look into for your home. With our vast range of blinds, we’ve got just the perfect blinds to suit your style and budget. Give us a call today, and we’ll have just the right fit for you.


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