Three Advantages of Bamboo Venetian Blinds

In this chaotic and beautiful modern world, society is slowly starting to realise just how important our earthly habitat is. Constantly finding new ways to encourage growth and demanding, even fighting for the ultimate best to ensure an eco-friendly sustainable life, whether it’s in planting more trees, consuming more seeds or going the distance with the lifestyle of veganism. Bamboo Venetian Blinds form part of sustainable green, yet stylish living.

This impressive movement certainly doesn’t stop when it comes to home decor and styling. Therefore Bamboo Venetian Blinds are the new craze. These stylish, unique and sensational window coverings don’t just give the feel of a soft nature breeze on a windy day but also gets the job done without straining and harming the natural hardwood forests. Bamboos grow at such a rapid speed which in actual fact allows for the conservation and growth of tropical forests. They encourage a healthy agriculture and sustainable system. Considering the eco-friendly benefits, they don’t just stop there.

Three major benefits of Bamboo Venetian Blinds:
Durability for champions:

Although Bamboo blinds may look and feel like soft, thin and frail slates, their durability and strength actually overpower those of most hardwood blinds. This means that their lifespan could be beneficial in the long run. They can withstand most weather conditions making them reliable, functional and practically indestructible. One of nature’s many secret miracle materials.

Cleaning and design made easy:

Due to their receptive nature to water and humidity, it makes cleaning of these Venetian blinds an easy task. Creating a swift wiping action gets the job done. They are perfect for rooms with high humidity or relaxation zones like bathrooms or kitchens. Meaning it’s possible to have hot showers/ baths and cooking escapades without worrying about the damage it could cause to the blinds. Bamboo Venetian blinds are also ridiculously versatile and can compliment any centrepiece. Drape them with silk for an exotic feel or leave them naked to aid in a minimalistic and relaxed atmosphere. They come in various colours, shades and textures making designing with them an exciting project.

Lighting and heating:

They perform exceptionally well under heated conditions and controls, blocks and withstands those sneaky harsh UV rays that could try to bombard a home in the worst time of the day. Most bamboo blinds are mirrored which allows a view to be seen from inside but privacy from outside; keeping any peeping toms away.

There is a reason that most high-end chic resorts and hotels follow the craze of Venetian blinds. They offer all the beneficial qualities at a price that is still affordable. Bamboo blinds are also gaining popularity in the field of manufacturing and interior design due to the copious amounts of benefits that outweigh the negatives.

They give an energised and traditional sensation to any room and due to its lifespan; they form more of a financial investment than a fashion statement.


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