The Room Series – Home Office

A home office or study room is a versatile space which you can decorate to align with the homeliness of your house or as a completely separate, more professional space.

Blinds play a huge role in the overall décor and feel of your study, whatever your needs may be.

Here are some of the best window treatments to complete your home office according to your main priority for the space.


Once you figure out where your desk will be and which way your computer will be facing, you will know if you need a window treatment that can manage the glare on your screen.

For these, we recommend Venetian blinds, as you can control the amount of light streaming in by adjusting the angle throughout the day.

To match your décor, choose between wooden Venetian blinds or aluminium Venetian blinds.


You might see clients in your home office, or need a quiet space to work and concentrate without distraction.

For meetings, the ideal option would be vision blinds. When you need privacy, you manoeuvre the vision blinds to give you full cover, and then change it back when you are done. They come in a variety of designs to make sure your window treatment matches the style of your study room.

For something that is more soundproof as a buffer for sounds from the road or outside, versatile cellular shade blinds will insulate both sound and heat, making your workspace comfortable in every way. These also come in a range of colours, and the fabrics are available in translucent, complete blockout and day-and-night treatments.


Your study room may house expensive equipment such as printers and computers, or it might be road-facing.

The best choice for security is to install aluminium security shutters for your home office, which not only protect your space, but also look great!

With adjustable louvres, reinforced steel rods, and specialised key-locking systems, you can enjoy peace of mind when you retreat to call it a day. Choose from standard colours and custom colour alternatives, as well as various mechanisms for opening and closing the shutters.

Purely Aesthetics

If your top priority is for your window treatment to match the look of your home office, your options are endless!

Choose from any of the above-mentioned treatments, or go for Roman blinds or roller blinds in a designer fabric of your choice, or even in bamboo. Use the array of options to add a pop of colour to your workspace or to give the study room a warmer touch. There are no limits!


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