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There’s no place like home and no bed like your own. That’s why your bedroom is such an important part of your life.

To make sure that your bedroom affords you the levels of comfort and peace you need to go out there and be your best self, it needs to have the right amount of privacy and flow and only the best light and window treatments.

Here are some of our favourite blinds for the bedroom.

Roman Blinds

The age-old aesthetics debate of blinds versus curtains can be put to bed (excuse the pun), thanks to Roman blinds. There are many functional advantages for choosing blinds over curtains, but curtains are often more popular when the desired appearance and style for the room to be homely and warm.

Roman blinds bring with them a refined and classy, yet warm and cosy feel – ideal for a bedroom. They also come in a range of designer fabrics. These work well if you want them to be the main feature of the bedroom, complemented with minimalist furniture. There’s a design for every look, from traditional to modern, and anything in between.

But if you go for a lighter colour, remember to have blackout lining added so that you can sleep in late on weekends.

Executive Blinds

Image Credits: Angie’s List | Houzz | Tuiss | Blinds 2 Go | Babywatchome

Wooden Blinds

A bedroom that makes use of wooden furniture has a different feel to it altogether, as this longstanding classic style continues to evolve with the times.

Keep this wooden theme consistent throughout the room with wooden Venetian blinds or bamboo blinds.

Venetian blinds allow you to control the amount of light being filtered into your room as the day goes by. They are also available in faux wood aluminium blinds and bamboo.

Bamboo is more commonly used in the roll-up or Roman style, which gives the room a more rustic feel.

Executive Blinds

Image Credits: Real Homes | Sete Window Blinds | Stevenward Hair

Sliding Panel Blinds

Another alternative to curtains are sliding panel blinds, which are very similar to Roman blinds with the primary difference being that they are vertical. These elegant blinds will look best if you have a large window or if your bedroom has a glass door leading out to a patio.

Like Roman blinds, these are available in designer fabrics and bamboo, too, making them easily adaptable to all of your bedroom décor ideas.

Executive Blinds

Image Credits: Blinds Design | Pinterest | Archi Expo

Skylight Blinds

If you have a skylight or are considering adding them to your bedroom soon, you will need tasteful skylight blinds to go with it to control the sunlight and moonlight streaming in – perfect for both naps and sleeping through the night.

These versatile cellular shade blinds come in sheer, light-filtering, semi-opaque and blockout fabrics, so you could either get matching cellular shade blinds for the rest of the windows in your bedroom, or match the colour up to one of our other options to have the best of both worlds.

Executive Blinds

Image Credit: Sete Window Blinds | Pinterest | Twitter | Velux Skylights


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