The Four Advantages of Automated Blinds

The future is here! Yes, more and more people are buying into home automation. With the trendy Google home, Smart TV boxes and voice automation for light and alarms, more and more homeowners are going to automated products. Why? It is all due to energy efficiency and a technically savvy generation. Now, automation is making its way to our blinds. We have seen automation in our Roller shutters, in our Awnings. We now have a range of motors that can automate your blinds.

In the blog, we will address the four advantages of automated blinds.

  1. Automated blinds are convenient

When having motorised blinds, you can open and close them with a simple touch of a button. By using a remote control, you will have the ability to increase or reduce sunlight that comes into your home or office. In an office, having automated blinds makes locking up at the end of the day simple and easy. Furthermore, when opening up in the morning, you can grab the remote open the blinds and get your day started.

  1. Automated blinds have a longer lifespan

With motorised blinds, you eliminate the need to open and close your blinds manually. Furthermore, this eliminates accidental damage that can occur when opening and closing blinds regularly to accommodate changes in the weather conditions outside.

  1. Automated blinds assist with energy efficiency

Many people would be concern about the cost involved with motorised blinds – like the possible increase in the electricity usage need to operate the motorised blinds. However, much like switching on a light, our motorised blinds do not need much electricity to run.

  1. Automated blinds are quiet and discreet

There is nothing worse than noisy electrics that are bulky and an eyesore. Thankfully this is not the case when it comes to our motorised blinds. You will be able to enjoy peace when opening and closing your blinds. Furthermore, the motor is discreet and easily concealed. This, however, does depend on the motor you select.

Take your home into a new age by investing in motorised blinds. The advantages are endless and long-lasting. You will never have to leave the comfort of your coach to increase or minimise sunlight or wind. All you will have to do is pick up a sleek remote and click one button


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