The Do’s And Don’ts Of Cleaning Outdoor Blinds

Summer is upon us. The days are getting hotter, and our pool areas and patio are looking more tempting as the days go by. If you have outdoor blinds in your patio area, you know that keeping them clean is a full-time job – if you want them to look good for years to come. However, there are ways to look after them, and there are a few things to avoid doing when giving your outdoor blinds an excellent clean.

With these blinds being in contact with all sorts of elements like dust, mildew, bird droppings, tree debris and so much more – it is good to give them a good clean on a weekly to bi-weekly basis. Why may you ask? When these fabrics get stained, and discolouration comes into effect, it will be tough to get those marks out of the fabric.

Here is a simple list of Do’s and Don’ts when giving your outdoor blinds a clean.


  1. Use a cleaner specifically made for the type of fabric you are using for your outdoor blinds. If all else, use a light chemical free, gentle cleanser. This will get the stains out without causing long-term damage to the fabric of your outdoor blinds.
  2. When using a cloth or sponge, be sure not to brush too roughly or harshly. Over time this will put a strain on the material causing it to fry over a long period mainly when done repeatedly on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.
  3. When you see a stain, clean it immediately. This will assist you in avoiding discolouration that occurs when stains are left over a period.
  4. Be sure to regularly clean your outdoor blinds using a micro fibre cloth with a smooth surface. This will get the dirt and grime off without leaving marks behind.
  5. When cleaning more stubborn stains or stains that have dried due to sun exposure, firstly soak the stain with a warm sponge. Thereafter, you can wipe the softened stain with a micro fibre cloth.


  1. When washing your outdoor blinds, refrain from using steam cleaners, power washers or rotary brushes. These can be too harsh and can pull the fabric off the aluminium frame or cause long-lasting damage to the actual fabric.
  2. As mention above, refrain from using alcohol, solvents, and other strong liquid chemicals when cleaning off stains. This can cause discolouration to the fabric along with weakening the fabric.
  3. When cleaning your outdoor blinds, try not to clean during humid climate. The humidity can cause mould to build up.
  4. Don’t roll your outdoor blinds up before making sure they are scorched. If you retract them while still wet, this will cause mould to build up and cause the zips to rust.

We at Executive blinds would like you to enjoy your patio area along with your outdoor blinds for years to come. We have manufactured an excellent product, and by following these easy tips, those outdoor blinds will continue to look good and function well.


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