The Design Benefits of Bamboo Blinds

From time to time we all look for new and creative ways to spruce up our homes and changeup or interior styles. We look at Pinterest boards and at various design ideas and concepts on Instagram to draw as much inspiration as we possibly can. That is all fine and well but do we ever consider the design benefits? When putting together new elements for your already built home, you need to think whether your new choices will still benefit your existing home design.

In the blog, we will be looking at the design benefits of bamboo blinds. This is a trendy product offering in the Executive Blinds family. We will have a closer look at the benefits of having bamboo blinds in your home.

 The benefits of Bamboo Blinds 
1. Bamboo Blind’s shading & hues 

Wood is a beautiful material to work with as it comes in a variety of shades and hues. This gives you a multitude of choices regarding selecting bamboo blinds. You can choose a shade that will compliment your existing furniture and wooden floors as well as your wall colours. This will assist you in your renovation as it is a more cost-effective option as you won’t need to change everything in the spaces.

2. Customisation 

When it comes to the length and width of your windows or doors, getting the right blinds can be a challenge. You simply cannot walk into a department store and buy shades/blinds off the rack as each home is different regarding the window openings.  Thankfully, the bamboo blinds options can be customised to the correct length and width of your window openings.

3. Light filtration 

With the bamboo blinds option, you will get both light filtrations and privacy. This means a right amount of light coming through your home without compromising your privacy. This means you can draw the bamboo blinds down and it won’t block out too much sun.

4. Natural match material 

Bamboo blinds are made with a natural match material. What this means is you can pair it with your other furnishings. What makes a great room design, is when you incorporate various elements. For example, metals which is usually your lightings fixtures, fabrics which are your scatter cushions and then a natural feature which is your flooring and of course your bamboo blinds. Thus it is easy to incorporate bamboo blinds into an already existing room design.

Redecorating need not be a headache. Executive blinds have a wide range to select from. Bamboo blinds are terrific options when wanting to make a cost-effective change to your home without ripping out everything you already have. This product offering is a natural addition to any existing home design and creates a sense of nature within the home.


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