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According to Bitty Boutique Furniture, the purpose and function of a living room are threefold:

  1. to entertain guests and socialise
  2. to relax and enjoy oneself
  3. to explore one’s own tastes and design styles in a beautiful environment

We’re all about helping you explore your tastes in the design of your living room, and the window treatment you choose plays a key role in the finishing of a beautiful environment.

Have a look at some of our top picks to complete your living room.

Executive Blinds

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Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are making a comeback – but only when used correctly.

Give it a modern twist by choosing an accent colour to stand out among your neutrals, or use them as an alternative to curtains, which are famous for being used in a traditional lounge area. This option can also portray a neat and tidy put-together space.

Executive Blinds

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SheerWeave blinds

The elegant and chic SheerWeave blinds allow the warmth of sunrays in and keep all bad vibes out.

This is a unique look for a living room, which will look as attractive during the day as it will at night, thanks to its gorgeous texture.

Executive Blinds

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Roman blinds

To have a rich and regal lounge area, Roman blinds are the way to go.

Go for a plain Roman blind in a neutral colour or accent colour if the living room is already busy, or a designer fabric to turn it into a feature.

Executive Blinds

Photo Credit: Wilmots Decorating

Wooden Venetian Blinds and Shutters

Wood in a living room or lounge area has a charm of its own.

Pair your wooden venetian blinds or shutters with touches of wood in your furniture for a look and feel that is both timeless and distinguished.

Give your living room that finishing touch with Executive Blinds.

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