Room Series: Entertainment, Recreation & More

Over the last few months, in our Room Series, we’ve covered all of the crucial rooms in a home and which window treatments suit each best. But there are some that cannot be categorised that we don’t want to miss.

Have a look at some of our favourite looks and window treatments for those miscellaneous rooms which have a special place in our hearts and homes.

 Bar or Braai Area

If your entertainment area has natural light or leads out to a patio, you’ll want your window treatment to make the most of it.

For patio doors, shuttersvertical blinds and zip track outdoor blinds are ideal, and an awning for the outdoor area is the perfect shelter. For windows instead of doors in a bar or indoor braai area, go for the easy-to-clean aluminium blinds or temperature-controlling cellular shade blinds.

Executive Blinds

Photo Credit:Burns for Blinds

TV Room or Family Room

A living room is predominantly for our guests. But a TV room or family room is where we can really relax. This is the room for true comfort. [Hyperlink ‘living room’ to the Room Series blog for Living Rooms once it’s up please]

Things to consider include the glare on the television and the overall lighting options, so we recommend venetian blinds in wood or aluminium (which offer good light control) or roller blinds in blockout material for the full theatre experience.

Executive Blinds

Photo Credit:Real Homes

Home Gym

If you have a space as a dedicated workout room or home gym, it would be an area in which you get pretty hot and sweaty. This makes your choice of window treatment even more important, although the right option for you depends on which directions your windows face.

The last thing you want while working out is the sun in your eyes or adding even more heat to your body. At the same time, you might not necessarily want a dark and dingy room with no natural light either. A tip to brighten up a room (as well as monitor your form) is to add a large mirror along one of the walls. This will reflect the light even more.

White shutters can also both brighten the room and control the glare, and venetian blinds can work the same way. The sophisticated cellular shade blinds will regulate the temperature in the space, as well let in enough light, making them the option that ticks all the boxes.

Executive Blinds

Photo Credit:Trendecors

Games Room

A games room is what you make of it. Whether it is predominantly for the kids or as a shared space for everything from board games and table tennis to old-school arcade machines and video games – this is a fun space.

Add fun to the décor, too, with colourful roller blinds or Roman blinds, or even using a designer fabric for them. Alternatively, go the sophisticated route for contrast and use neutral colours or wooden venetian blinds. Here, your options are endless!

Executive Blinds

Photo Credit:Houzz

So give the unique spaces in your home that extra special touch by giving it the best window treatment around.


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