Roman Blinds – The Interior Design Trend for 2018

At one stage in our lives, we’ve all experienced the so-called “hot new trend”, whether it was asking our parents for those new sneakers that all the popular kids were wearing or purchasing the internets top ranked phone. Fast forward a few years, and you’re now at the beginning of 2018, where trends are at the peak of the season. We can’t be sure of what will most likely develop in the world of fashion, but we can guarantee Roman Blinds are going to be the talk of the town, socially and aesthetically.

Roman Blinds

What are Roman Blinds?

This versatile yet gorgeous item is a window covering made up from quality fabric that draws up into pleats. What makes this product so versatile is the different materials available to manufacture it from, but more importantly the various styles.

Types of Roman Blinds
  • Flat Fold Roman Blinds

If you prefer something uncomplicated, yet sophisticated, then look no further, as this type of Roman Blind is made from one big piece of fabric. If the shades are fully lowered, you’ll notice that there aren’t any seams.

Style Preference

If you’re a modern person and prefer a sleeker look, then this is the ideal window covering for you.

  • Plain Fold Roman Blinds

This particular selection of Roman Blinds is considered very similar to the Flat Fold Roman Shade Blinds, as it lays flat. However, it has seams running every few inches.

It compliments ones home in a fantastic way, especially in the bedroom and living rooms, as it has incredibly durable seams.

Style Preference

If you’re an art lover, these Blinds will be perfect for your home as the seams have attractive visual interest.

  • European Fold Roman Blinds

If soft, relaxed and luxurious appeals to you then this is certainly the correct choice for you. European Fold Roman Blinds curve up when the shade is raised. There are tiny stitches which are used to connect cord rings to result in less symmetrical folds.

Once installed in your beautiful home, the shades need to be pulled up entirely and left for a few days, to get those gorgeous pleats.

Style Preference

If you’re known as a social butterfly and life of the party, then you and these Blinds are a match made in heaven. It’s decorative, stylish and sets the perfect ambience for your delicious dinner parties.

Roman Blinds are the future of interior design in 2018.  Whether you favour bold, undertone, simple or bohemian looks; there are so many designs for you to choose from.


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