How to Revamp Your Outdoor Spaces with Outdoor Sheerweave Blinds

Summer is only a few months away, and after the long and harsh winter, we need to admit that our patio and outdoor spaces are in need of some upkeep and revamp, say hello to Sheerweave Blinds. Thankfully, this is an easy spring task to undertake. A little goes a long way. Thus, we at Executive Blinds have put together a list of four activities/items you can incorporate. These few steps will bring much-needed style to your outdoor spaces, and the changes will create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere for your home.  These are changes you can adopt overnight; however, there are a few changes that could be a slighter bigger undertaking but a well-deserved investment for your entertainment spaces.

  1. Scatter cushions are for outdoor spaces too

Scatter cushions are a simple addition to most areas, including outdoor ones. Never limit yourself when it comes to décor or accessories. Scatter cushions and throws are a great way to incorporate texture and comfort into an outdoor space. Don’t forget to Scotchguard them or use fabrics which are easy to clean and maintain. This will give the space a sense of luxury and a new feel too.

  1. Painting brick walls, yes, you can

Just because it’s an exterior space on the outside or back of the house, does not mean the exposed brickwork needs to be left all dreary. Thankfully, there is nothing a good paint job cannot fix. Do not be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and explore adding colour to brick or exposed wall. This will bring colour to the space and also create a new talking point for your next dinner party. It is an affordable way to add something new to an old space, and you will have the ability to change it up at will or as your taste changes.

  1. Outdoor rugs are very trendy

The rug trend has been something all homeowners have bought into however this no longer just applies to the interior décor of a home. There has been a big market for outdoor rugs. A rug is a great way to anchor a space. Your outdoor space can be vast, and by using a rug, you create a designated area which could be for lounging or outdoor dining. Using various textures, colours and sizes, you can play and create an excellent outdoor atmosphere. 

  1. Outdoor Sheerweave Blinds are essential

Outdoor Sheerweave Blinds are the modern choice for your patio or entertainment area. Sheerweave blinds will not only add to the aesthetic of the space but will designate certain areas you wish to exclude or include and give the space more privacy if you have an open yard or low boundary walls. Sheerweave blinds can be operated by a crank system or as motorised blinds.

Your outdoor entertainment area no longer has to be a second thought. By incorporating these four simple tips/ideas, you can create a tranquil space for you and your family to enjoy during the summer season. Furthermore, all these options, especially the Sheerweave blinds are a significant investment in the aesthetic of your home.


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