How To Keep Your Bamboo Blinds Clean

It is that time of the year when you start to wind down and spend some much needed time at home. However, when you are spending that much time in your house, you tend to start picking up on things that need to be fixed, replaced or cleaned within your home. Now that you have some time on your hands, it is good to tackle those things before you go into full relaxation and holiday mode. One thing which you can see to is cleaning your bamboo blinds.

Here are a few easy steps to taking care of your bamboo blinds and making sure that it is clean and fresh for your festive season guests.

STEP 1: Thoroughly inspect your bamboo blinds

Before cleaning anything, you need to understand your approach, and that is determined by how dirty your blinds are. In some cases, your shades, do not attract that much dirt due to the area and space of your home. Others might be dirtier due to pet hair, that blows in from outside or hair belonging to your pet. So be sure to determine which area needs more attention before going in and cleaning.

STEP 2: Gather all the cleaning materials you need to clean your bamboo blinds

To get your bamboo blinds fresh and sparkling clean, grab the following:

– A microfibre cloth or feather duster
– A ladder to get to the top of the blinds
– A clean sponge and water with a light detergent mix in it
– A clean towel

STEP 3: Clean your bamboo blinds from top to bottom

Firstly, take your microfibre cloth or feather duster and start wiping off the first layer of dirt from the top of the blinds to the bottom. Make sure to do it on both sides of the blinds. Then get your bucket of water with your light detergent (preferably a chemical free detergent) and foam up the sponge. Lightly use the sponge to wipe down the bamboo blinds without being too rough on the blinds. Repeat this step on the other side of your blinds.

STEP 4: Dry off your bamboo blinds

Now with a clean, dry towel, wipe down the clean blinds and make sure to dry every inch of the blinds. Be sure not to roll your bamboo blinds up before they are completely dry. If possible keep the window open to allow the blinds to air dry.

An added tip, be sure to clean your windows as well, this will assist with keeping your blinds clean over time as well. Once all this is done, be sure to make a schedule for cleaning your blinds. It will make cleaning, in the long run, a lot easier. That way you will have more time to put your feet up and enjoy the holidays.


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