How Security Shutters Add to Home Security

Professor Zinn, a senior lecturer in Forensic and Crime investigation at the University of South Africa, shared his findings after interviewing 30 convicted and incarcerated criminals with a series of 116 questions to assist police and homeowners in the prevention of crime.  His research demonstrates exactly now valuable security shutters are to adding security to your home.  Here are some of his findings:

Housebreaking is chosen over other types of crime because there’s more money, it’s quicker and there is little chance of getting caught.  Victims are targeted because of their apparent wealth.  Race does not make one a target.  Targets with multiple entries and exit points are preferred as well as easy access to main roads.  75% of perpetrators said that they targeted homes based on good information or at the least the suspicion of a high-value steal, rather than on a home having little security.  They all said they would spend some time doing surveillance before the attack and that they would identify the number and location of all the residents to assist with a surprise attack.  The most preferred time of the attack was during 7 pm and 12 pm when people were home so alarms are disabled and there’s enough noise to cover the sounds of the break-in and keep the attack a surprise.

What does this mean for homeowners?  Seen as though housebreakings are the preferred means of criminal activity it makes sense to financially invest in protecting your home.  If you have something to be stolen you are a potential target.  It doesn’t matter what your race is.  You are more likely to be targeted if you have multiple entry and exit points and are situated close to main roads so that they can have a quick get-away.  Your level of security is not much of a deterrent if you have anything of value. If your home is closed early enough for perpetrators to not to be able to do surveillance before the attack you are less likely to be broken into.  The preferred time to break in means that you need to be as secure as possible during those hours while you are awake.

Considering these findings, security shutters provide the exact defence needed in South African homes today.  The visibility to your home is completely blocked out, making surveillance and the element of surprise impossible for perpetrators.  Security shutters mean that your most vulnerable time is covered with an extra level of defence. Once the sun goes down and you close your shutters to not allow people to see into your home, you have added an extra level of defence. Security shutters are made with adjustable double cored aluminium louvres that are reinforced by steel pins on both sides of each louvre.  This makes these shutters as secure as typical security bars.  To break through security shutters while you are awake would also be incredibly loud and would therefore not go easily unnoticed with standard household noise levels.  Want to secure your home properly?  Install security shutters.


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