How a Home Automation System can Increase Your Security

A home automation system in combination with roller shutters, security shutters or blinds to beef-up home security

It’s no secret that South Africa has a reputation of ever increasing crime statistics. In fact, between the years 2016 and 2017, it was recorded that 52 people were murdered daily, 146 common robberies occurred every day, and 22 343 cases of house robberies were taking place each day. With these high numbers, security is the talking point around most social gatherings. Equipping yourself with solid, modern security aids will help better safeguard you and your family.

Due to the countries volatile economic state and fluctuating exchange rate, finding security methods at a reasonable price can be a challenge. What if we told you we had the solution to your problem?  Here at Executive Blinds, we put the EX in extremely affordable and extremely secure with our home automation systems. Whether you’re away for the weekend or simply forgot to close the blinds or shutters before bed, our system will have you covered.

Roller Shutters on an Office or Home Automation System

Imagine this, it’s been an intense day at the store, you’ve had to deal with demanding customers, plus you strained your back from picking up heavy boxes. All you want to do is go home, curl up on the couch with your favourite snack and fall asleep while watching your favourite series. You want this so badly that you rush home as soon as the clock strikes 5 pm, but on the way home you start to doubt whether you closed the office roller shutters.

This is where an office or home automation system combined with roller shutters comes in, making it ideal for most businesses due to its aesthetics and heightened security through technology. Say goodbye to the standard gate and hello to a new and innovative product as it creates a barrier between the store and outside world when it’s closed and makes it close to impossible for criminals to enter. The added automation also makes it easier to keep track of the shutters being open or closed.

One might think this is going to cost a fortune, but that’s where we come in with our home automation app, and custom made motors, which reduce costs dramatically.

What about Shutters and Blinds I hear you ask?

With high crime rates, we all can do with some added security in our lives. By installing an automation system onto your blinds or shutters, you’ll be decreasing the risk of your home being broken into. But how you may ask? The criminals surveying their target pre-empts almost every robbery or attempted robbery. If you prevent them from being able to view the target properly, they will choose a different one. So even if you forget to close your shutters or blinds, you can make use of the home automation system to check on this.

Another great benefit for homeowners is that it grants you the ability to make criminal eyes think you’re at home, while in fact, you’re out of town.  Being able to automatically open and close your shutters or blinds from thousands of kilometres away, helps with this. You can even automate the switching on and off of lights around the home. Talk about cost effective!

Make the smart move this year by investing in a home automation system to control your roller shutters, security shutters or blinds. It will improve your life.


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