Everything you need to know about Motorised Blinds

The 21st century, an era of mind-blowing infrastructure, international clothing brands, sports cars, fast food restaurants and social media. Society has come a long way in terms of development; we can definitely pat ourselves on the back for our massive technological achievements, but what exactly did we do in the good old days? Well, there was certainly no such thing as an indoor heating system or a light switch for a matter of fact. Thank goodness those days are behind us. Out with the old and in with the new, motorised blinds to be more specific.

The future of window coverings is here, its remote controlled and holds many hidden benefits that will improve your home style living.

How are motorised blinds powered?
Battery Powered Motorised Blinds

If your home consists of hard to reach windows, then this is the ideal option for you.  Instead of being attached to a string, motorised blinds consist of tube installed at the top, which lifts the shade up. The battery fits perfectly above that and starts running when connected to a motor for power.

Solar Powered Motorised Blinds

Windows are always in direct line with the sunlight, so it only makes sense to have solar powered motor blinds. All that’s required is a solar panel system, which will be securely mounted behind the shades facing outwards to catch the sunlight. The unit will then be connected to the motor in the same way as hardwired and battery-powered options.

Hardwired Motorised Blinds

Some people prefer batteries; however, if you’re one of those people that find replacing it once it’s run out of juice, to be dreary and dull, then this was made for you.  It uses different voltages and is more affordable regarding energy costs. You’ll need an electrician to install it, especially if you’d like to control the blinds from a power distribution panel, which will distribute power to various shades located throughout your home, but you’ll be receiving value for your money.

The Benefits

When it comes to weather, it can be tricky to figure out as one minute it’s sizzling and the next its bitter cold. Motorised Blinds offers a form of insulation value to one’s windows. If you feel like spicing it up, install motorised draped for extra insulation to your windows.


Imagine having to get up and manually change something every time. It could become incredibly annoying. Motorised Blinds do not have this problem as it can be operated with a simple click of a button or an app on your smartphone.


Everyone has the right to privacy, and motorised blinds are the perfect way to achieve it. It doesn’t matter if you’re living in a one-story home or a penthouse. Just press the switch to lower the blinds and viola, instant alone time.

It has been said that investing in stock and property is the way to go in this modern day age, but we say, make the right investment, with your custom-made motorised blinds.


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