Everything You Need to Know About Awnings

Summer is well on its way. With warmer weather approaching, your need to spend your time outdoors is increasing. However, living in the southern hemisphere, the sun exposure can be quite severe. Thankfully, Executive Blinds has the ideal outdoor solution that will give you the option of being outdoors but protected from the wind and sun. Executive blinds exterior adjustable awnings are made with 100% aluminium with opening vents ideal for those days when you are looking for sun or those days when the sun exposure is too harsh, and shade is needed.

In the blog, we will look at everything you need to know about awnings and why they are a great addition to your home, business, restaurant or any outdoor space.


The primary need or use of awnings is to block out sunlight as well as prevent the rain from entering certain areas. They are an alternative option to a fixed roof extension. Roof extensions can be quite costly; therefore having an awning installed is an excellent option for areas such as entertainment areas, patios, verandas and balconies. You, therefore, have the option of having an open and closed space. Furthermore, awnings are great for smaller areas that need covering like a smaller patio or balcony.


As mentioned above, Executive Blinds exterior adjustable awnings are made with 100% aluminium. The external louvres (similar to those on shutters) are versatile as they allow for natural light and a light breeze to brush through. Furthermore, the fabric used for the covering comes in a wide range of powder-coated colours which you can select as well as having the option of a pelmet or full cassette. This serves as protection for the fabric as it will be exposed to extreme weather and exposure.


There are two ways in which awnings are operated. Mainly, they are manually operated or automatically. Executive Blind Manufacturers offers both of these. Manually operated awnings use a hand-winder lever which is connected to a winding point on the awning. The automatic awnings are operated with the assistance of a motor which you control via remote control. We at Executive Blind Manufacturers can provide you with a sun and wind sensor along with the remote control function. That way you have a smart option, and your awning will assist you depending on the condition of the weather.

As home or business owners, you want the option of using your facilities and living spaces at all times of the year without restrictions. Awnings allow for that as well as create additional spaces in your home or business. You will thus be able to enjoy your home come light rain or harsh shine.


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