Easy steps to cleaning Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds look great on any window frame; this continues to make them an absolute favourite in many homes across the world. However, many home-owners face a similar challenge when it comes to cleaning them. The truth is Venetian blinds are known to pick up grime and dust and are infamous for being tricky to clean. Well, from today all your stress will be a thing of the past as we bring you an easy guide to cleaning your Venetian blinds.


Wooden Venetian blinds, particularly need to be cleaned with care to protect them from damage.  By their nature, wooden Venetian blinds should not be cleaned with detergents as excess moisture and chemicals can damage the wood. Furthermore, it may cause the slats to lose their colour.

  • The first step is checking if the blinds have any spots or stains. Remove the stains by rubbing a paper towel on the affected area. If they are difficult to remove, then you may use a wood cleaner before moving on to clean the blinds
  • Coming to light cleaning of the blinds, you can close the blinds and then, dust them with a light feather. While dusting, brush downward instead of upward otherwise the slats may become unhooked.
  • For more effective cleaning, wipe each slat with a soft dry cloth or a paper towel. You may also rub a fabric softener sheet between your hands while wearing the gloves and rub your hands along each slat. Besides removing dirt, this reduces the build-up of static electricity that tends to attract dust.

QUICK TIP: Apply cleaning spray to an old sock and wear it as a glove, running your hand over each slat for a handy shortcut!


One of the best ways of cleaning Venetian blinds is the old bath method – (this method is of course not suitable for wooden blinds):

  • Detach blinds from their fixing (modern designs sit on slide-off plastic fittings for easy removal meaning you don’t have to be a DIY guru and remove the brackets).
  • Fill the bath to about a half full with warm water. Add half a cup of detergent powder – ideally, use a fragranced detergent to add a subtle scent to freshen up the room.
  • Put the blinds in the water and run a cloth over each slat.
  • Hang to dry over a shower rail or on the washing line outside if the weather permits, then put back up, and just like that you’re done!

Make your life easy by regularly cleaning your Venetian blinds, this will prevent dirt from building up, reducing the need for a lengthy deep clean.


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