Different Types of Window Treatment and How to Choose the Right One

Windows are an important part of your home and therefore window treatment should be a priority. It gives you a view of outside, allows light in and gives people a little glimpse in. Your choice of window installation is therefore important. Ideally, we want a beautiful, inviting and comfortable home without having to spend too much money to achieve that. Window treatment is another investment what needs to be carefully considered to ensure maximum impact with minimal expenses.

When making this decision one needs to consider two things and the priority of each. The first thing to consider is the function of the window treatment. Will the window treatment serve a function and is this the priority? Are you looking to totally block out of light or just the management of light? Once you know the function of your window treatment and its priority, you need to consider the form of the window treatment as there may be a few treatments that could serve the same function.

Here are a few options to consider when trying to find the best compliment to your home.


If you looking to adjust the level of light and visibility then blinds may be the most cost effective way to dress your windows. There are many blind options available to enhance your home’s decor. Blinds can be horizontal or vertical, and come in a variety of materials to suit your design preferences. Wood blinds give earth tones but aluminium blinds are durable and more suitable for bathroom or high-moisture areas. Vinyl blinds are cheaper and easy to clean but sag in the middle if used in a larger area.


There are a variety of shades to consider here as well. Translucent shades are perfect for allowing a lot of direct sunlight into a room. Roller shades can provide instant privacy for areas needing it like a bathroom. Roman shades are a classic style that has no limit in terms of colour and design as they make use of various fabrics. If you are looking for a unique shade then the cellular shade blinds are worth considering. These shades are made from solid lightweight pleated fabric that forms a common honeycomb pattern, allowing it to trap the air to provide added insulation and comfort.


Shutters are your answer if your priority is light blocking and privacy. They are also the best option if you are looking for additional protection against the elements. It does impact your view outside though, which may be a good thing depending on your situation.

Choosing the right window treatment involves considering light levels, style, privacy, price, and ease of use. If you have a few options that serve the same function, or if function isn’t the priority, then you can choose your preferred style. Have fun choosing!


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