Best 2 Ways to Decorate Awnings for Christmas

The holiday season has officially begun whether you’re ready for them or not. The holidays come all the festivities and family gatherings, one of the best ways to spend these upcoming holidays is to decorate your home both inside and out with lights, tinsel, and other fun objects. If you’re having difficulty deciding how you should decorate your awning, then we have just the perfect blog for you.

In this blog we’ll be looking at methods you can decorate your awnings this coming Christmas. When looking to get a custom awning or blinds for your home, don’t forget to contact us when you are done reading this blog.


Nothing shouts the holidays quite like well-placed garland on your awnings. Not only does this enhance natural features, such as wood, but it also goes great with just about any material your awnings are made from. Be sure to buy fresh garland to get aesthetics as well as that sweet pine smell, alternatively you can opt for a fake wreath that can be your utilised year after year. Wrap your garland up the legs, or around the rails and arms of the awnings. You can, of course, add other features like lights, ribbon, beads for an even better look and feel. Keep the decorating spirit going by adding the same features to the outside of your house or patio area. Be careful not to go overboard with the garland; a little bit can go a long way at times; after all, less is more.


One of the fun ways to bring holiday fever to your home is to add lights. Naturally, most people hang lights from their roof, around the outside of their house, and even in their lawn area. You can do the same to your awning as well as any outdoor fixtures you want to incorporate with your holiday display.

Wrap the lights around the legs and bannisters of your awning, having them go all the way up to the top of your awnings. You can also hang or wrap lights from the arms and rails of your awning, making sure to cover each part adequately. Different types of lights will look great on your awning, whether they’re multi-coloured, plain-white, or a single colour.

The fun shouldn’t stop at your awnings though; you can put lights all around your backyard. Together as the family, you can choose a theme and stick to it while you plan out the layout for your backyard light display. Please make this a fun family experience and be jolly with it as you go along.


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