Automated Curtains, the future of your home

With the world evolving so does your home and to embrace this evolution we introduce our beautiful range of automated curtains. Easy to install and manage this is what true evolution is about, giving you simplicity and sophistication, making your life easy.

We all know what drag it is to have to stand up and close the curtains after the sunsets, it’s always a story of who closed them the previous day. Well now those days are long gone, automated curtains are here to bring true comfort into your life. Just a look at some of the features that make automated curtains an amazing add on to your home will have you rushing to get some.

Easy to Install

With only four easy steps and a second pair of hands, you can install your automated curtains in no time and get back to enjoying the rest of the day with your family doing the things you love. Now isn’t that just total bliss.

Easy Management

The thing always got to me about curtains when growing up was just how hard it was to manage them, the admin was too much, and with automated curtains this a thing of the past. With either a remote or your smartphone you can manage your automated curtains at the comfort of either your bed or couch, now that’s what convenience feels like.


With no hard to manage chains or cords that always get tangled, automated curtains also make your home safer for your young ones, which means now you can sit back and relax while your automated curtains create the perfect ambience to match your mood with the simple push of a button.

Energy Efficient

With the cost of living on the rise, one needs to find ways to manage their finances and cut costs where possible, this is where automated curtains take evolution and comfort to another level. In summer they can maximise shade and sun protection to keep you cool but then in winter let the sun come in for natural warmth and light helping to reduce your energy costs.

The time for stylish, modern and curtains is now as automated curtains not only help you effortlessly manage your drapes without any added effort, they give your home a chic and contemporary clean finish, seamlessly decluttering your home.

You must be now asking yourself what fabric is needed for automated curtains, well… any kind of material and style is suitable for automated curtains. This means whether you are working with expensive fabrics that are delicate, or heavy drapes for home cinemas and conference rooms, our automation specialists will have the right setup for you. Bringing true timeless comfort to the palm of your hands.

We now have our in-house motors for curtain tracks and blinds which can either be battery or wired motors. Our battery motors have a built-in lithium-ion battery and depending on usage will only need charging once a year. To bring more convenience we also have a device to use your cellphone with to control the motors all at very affordable prices, it is true the time for convenience and comfort is now.


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