Advantages of Vision Blinds

Having your personal touch to your new / revamped home is an absolute must, and what better way to have your own feel than a strikingly modern finish with vision blinds. With beautiful and versatile options vision blinds make for the perfect balance between privacy and light.

Easy to use and reliable operation vision blinds have numerous advantages to make your home stunning all year long around, giving you an unmatched combination of quality and style.

Good Investment

Any feature to your new /revamped home needs to be economically viable giving you value for money. With vision blinds you don’t need to worry about changing blinds as seasons change, this is real value for money. Now every room can have vision blinds that will suit its style, giving it a warm personal feel, making your house a home.

Full Privacy

When closed vision blinds give your home complete privacy.

This makes vision blinds a perfect feature within your office setting; for management offices giving you complete privacy when needed. Also known as ‘twist’ or ‘day and night’ blinds; vision blinds are structured using two sheets of fabric into which are woven see-through and impenetrable strips which can move independently of each other.


Quality and style are a must, and vision blinds gives you just that, a unique and classy touch that will last With different design options vision blinds also add to the effect of your room as they give you the option of fabric inserts or no fabric inserts.

Available in a varied selection of colours which can be blended with your existing colour scheme creating an eye-catching look, you can opt for sheer fabrics with shimmering metallic detailing that will make each room a marvel to walk into.


An image is everything, vision blinds give your home a sophisticated look and modern look matching your style and taste. After all your home needs your touch to make it the perfect home. With their light control feature, the fabric of vision blinds also keeps all UV rays out of your home keeping your family safe from the harmful elements.

At Executive Blinds, we offer a great variety of vision blinds that are designed to suit your style and taste, and most importantly your homes interior design scheme. Give us a call today, and we’ll get you a quote to give your home a stunning look today. With all the great options that vision blinds offer, you are guaranteed to find your favourite to give your home a beautiful, luxurious feel.


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