A step by step guide to keeping aluminium venetian blinds clean

With Winter approaching most of our windows will stay closed, which ultimately sees the blinds hardly opened as well. This also means the blinds are now neglected i.e. they are rarely cleaned. The result of this is blinds that are cloaked with dust come to Spring. Well, this shouldn’t be the case, especially with aluminium venetian blinds.

Aluminium venetian blinds are a household item on many windows in South African homes, therefore cleaning them should be made easy for everyone. And that is what we have in store for you – an easy step by step guide to keeping your aluminium venetian blinds clean throughout the whole year.

Without any further delay let’s get into the thick of things and get those blinds cleaned up so we don’t find ourselves having to do much come Spring.

  1. Extend your blinds all the way.
  2. Tilt the louvers up and dust lightly with a cloth or duster.
  3. Turn the slats down and dust the other side gently.
  4. Or use of a soft cloth glove. Grip each slat between your thumb and forefinger; softly run them along each slat. To prevent damage, don’t use too much pressure or crease the vanes.
  5. A vacuum cleaner may be used utilising the soft brush fitting. Run very gently over the louvers first in their up position than in the down position. First, test a small area of the Venetian blinds to make sure the suction isn’t too excessive. Very powerful vacuums may damage the louvers.
  6. For individual spots on a louver, spray with window cleaner, wait for 60 – 120 seconds, and wipe using a soft rag.

Of course, this doesn’t stop the need for occasional deep cleaning of your blinds. See our guidelines to make it as hassle-free as possible.

  • Big blankets or tarps (to place your blinds on)
  • Bucket
  • Cleaning liquid
  • Hose-pipe
  • Soft scrubbing brush or Sponge
  • Old towel rags
  1. Remove the aluminium blinds from your window, leaving the hardware in place. Assemblies for blinds vary, and you may require a screwdriver for this step. Warning: It’s always recommended that you have a helping hand, particularly if you have to use a ladder.
  2. Take them outside and put on each one on a blanket or tarp, ensuring that they’re fully extended, vanes shut.
  • Combine cleaning fluid with water inside the bucket (usually 1-part cleaner to 4 parts water for non-fabric blinds). Tip: Car wash fluid or vinyl washing products work best, particularly if you have stuck-on grime or grease, but liquid dish-washing soap will also do the job.
  • Pour the bucket of soapy liquid on the venetian blinds, being sure to wet all slats.
  • Using the soft scrubbing brush or sponge mop, scrub the louvers thoroughly.
  • Turn your metal venetian blinds over, and repeat the treatment on the other side.
  • Rinse off any soapy remains. Tip: Rinse off either side completely-if soap dries on the slats, it’ll attract more dirt and grime.
  • Clean up excess water from the venetian blinds with the towel rags.
  • Bring inside and rest flat (on a towel) to dry completely prior to re-hanging.

Keeping your aluminium venetian blinds in great condition should never be a hassle, in fact, with consistent maintenance you will cut down the frequency of deep cleaning.

At Executive Blinds, our aluminium venetian blinds are known to create a uniform look for both the office and home. Be sure to have a look at our range for ones that will suit your specific requirements be it at home or the office.


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