A Quick Home Interior Upgrade with Vision Blinds

There comes a time in your life when you get tired of your home fixtures, and you merely need a minor spruce up of your home interior. It is reaching mid-year, and with that, we at Executive Blinds have a wide range of blinds and shutters. This might just be the tick to giving your home something fresh and new. Simple improvements can make a significant impact on the look of the spaces in your home.

Simple changes, like new doors or handles on your kitchen cabinets, to a fresh coat of paint can really give you a new outlook on a space. Another welcome addition to a quick home improvement project is to upgrade your blinds. This is something you usually change only once or twice in a lifetime and can be overlooked by many homeowners. But, worry not; Executive Blinds range of Vision Blinds may be the long-lasting solution you are looking for.

What are Vision Blinds? 

Vision blinds are two layers of transparent and opaque fabric. It has one control mechanism on the side of the blinds which allows you to adjust the front layer of fabric to move on its own over the back layer, while the back layer creates a closed-off effect.

Vision blinds basically have two visibility options – the ability to see through it (with a varying degree of width) and to block out. It is ideal as it is designed to look great with any aesthetic, and it is a durable option for a long-term interior upgrade.

 What are the benefits of installing Vision Blinds?
  1. They are aesthetically-pleasing 

In keeping with the theme of a quick home interior upgrade – vision blinds are a terrific option as it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. These blinds work well with numerous window shapes and sizes; therefore there is no concern regarding significant construction and window alterations. It also fits perfectly with the idea of a cost-effective and easy home décor upgrade.  If you would like to play into the latest minimalist trend and not sure where to start – vision blinds are an ideal addition to create the clean line aesthetic of a minimalist home.

Furthermore, if you would like to add a pop of colour, you can by selecting a suitable colour for the fabric for your vision blinds. As easy as that.

  1. Vision blinds are an excellent long-term investment 

Vision blinds are an innovative fixture as they are state of the art and last for a long time. This kind of blind is one that works in any condition, come winter or summer. This saves you from having to change your blinds to accommodate seasonal changes. Seeing as they are adjustable, you have control over the amount of daylight that comes into each space – which is both convenient and adds a touch of “airiness” to the home.

Being able to alternate your home décor should not be a headache. Simple changes go a long way especially when they come with added benefits as mentioned above. Making functional changes that look amazing is something we all need at least twice a year. Consider vision blinds as one of these changes that will make a huge impact on your home.


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