6 Easy Steps to Pre-Spring Clean Roller Blinds

We all love a clean home environment. Whether it is our floors, couches, tables or kitchens- we take pride in cleaning these spaces and items. However, there are a few areas that do get overlooked amidst the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. Areas like the ceiling corners, skirting boards and also blinds.

A modern interior trend is to install roller blinds. They are chic and very durable but might seem hard work to clean and keep clean seeing as they are so close to the main source of dirt and grime; the outside world. But not to worry, we at Executive Blinds love roller blinds and have put together a nifty little 6 step cleaning guide for making sure your roller blinds are well maintained and continue to look brand new for days and years to come. These 6 easy steps to cleaning your roller blinds are the ideal way to prep that pre-spring cleaning buzz.

Here are our 6 easy steps to cleaning your Roller Blinds 

 Step 1 

Before cleaning, consider the material of your roller blinds. If you have block-out roller blinds, cleaning them while hanging is the best and most convenient way to go. However, if you have fabric roller blinds, you will have to remove it from the mount in the wall to get them cleaned.

 Step 2 

Your first cleaning step would be to remove the dust. You can use a vacuum for this. Attach your soft brush and gently begin to clean off all the dust. Don’t use the pipe-end of rough part of the vacuum cleaner for this.

 Step 3 

For those tough stains, you will need a light detergent and some water with a soft cloth. If you are cleaning them while hanging, merely wet your cloth with water and detergent and begin cleaning off the grime and stains. If you have fabric roller blinds, once they have been removed from the mount and dusted off – soak in a bath with a light detergent for a few minutes. Use a sponge to remove any tough stains. Try to be as gentle as possible on the fabric when doing so.

Step 4 

Once you have cleaned your fabric roller blinds, you want to remove them from the bath and gently removed the excess water by gently squeezing the blinds, without twisting or folding the material. Hang them on a washing line to dry. Make sure to hang them up for the excess water to run off the fabric.

 Step 5 

After cleaning block-out roller blinds to be sure to dry them off with a dry cloth and just open the window to allow it to dry naturally.

Step 6 

With fabric roller blinds, once they have dried out properly, they can be re-attached to the mount. If they are a little damp, open the window and allow them to dry naturally. It is preferable to avoid hanging damp roller blinds, as they may get mouldy.

 Additional Tips

To keep your roller blinds clean for longer periods of time, make sure you spot clean them on a weekly bases. Just dust them off to keep that dust away. Be sure to use a detergent that is light and not harmful on the material.

Cleaning your roller blinds does not have to be a pain. Cleaning them on a weekly basis is an excellent way to make sure they look fresh, clean and well maintained. Dust has a way of embedding itself in fabric roller blinds; therefore, it is vital to dust off your roller blinds regularly. If you follow these steps your pre-spring cleaning routine won’t take too much of your time.


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