3 Tips on how to use Roman Blinds to complement your interior design

Windows are a vital part of any room, both for functionality and design. A window has to provide maximum natural light and ventilation into the room, with curtains and blinds we are then able to adjust brightness and air, as we need it. They also allow us to frame and emphasise the windows against the décor and colour of the room.

Roman blinds have been used for this exact purpose, for many years. The variation of colours, styles and fabrics that can be adapted to them make them an all-around favourite. Roman blinds effortlessly complement any room whether with old or modern interior décor. The cherry on top is just how easy they are to clean and maintain

This undoubtedly makes choosing Roman blinds for your windows the smart choice. However, you will need some tips and tricks when selecting which Roman blinds are best suited for your home or office, but don’t worry we’ve got them right below.


Let us begin with the rooms first. Which places can you use Roman blinds in? Because of their versatility, Roman blinds can be used in any room. You can use different materials for different rooms, depending on the amount of sunlight coming in. They can frame your windows better than most roller, vertical or Venetian curtains.

Roman blinds provide excellent insulation and look homely when used in at home like in living rooms, bedrooms, studies, and so on. They give a chic finish and a professional décor to offices and conference rooms. Although Roman blinds have been around for centuries, they are timeless in their use and can look fantastic in any room.


Using traditional fabrics in your Roman blinds cannot be used in damp places like kitchens and bathrooms. One has to carefully select materials that will not accumulate dust and mould due to humidity. Kitchen blinds tend to absorb oils and grease, eventually collecting dust on them. It is then essential to manually clean the grime and grease away regularly so that your Roman blinds always look clean and tidy.

It is highly recommended that you use polyester and cotton blends or 100% cotton fabrics for wet rooms, as they clean easily and can be cleaned frequently. Another way of making the damage less noticeable is to use patterns and bold designs for the Roman blinds.


Roman blinds offer a wide range of options to make your home or office look unique and stylish. There are numerous styles available that give your shades different kinds of folds and draping patterns. Roman blinds are available in these styles: Flat, Classic, Relaxed (European) and Hobbled. Using one of these four styles for your home and offices can change the feel of the interior décor.

Now that we have looked at where you can use Roman blinds and which styles can be suited for your home or office, it is essential to choose colours and patterns to match your interiors décor. There are simple tricks to choose colours and patterns that match your desired style. Be sure to speak to us for these tricks or better yet set up an appointment to come to view some of our Roman blinds so you can experience our bespoke client service.


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