3 Interior Colour Schemes with our New Wooden Venetian Blinds Colours

We, at Executive Blind Manufacturers, are excited to announce two new colours in our Wooden Venetian Blinds range- Dove Grey and Grey Wash. Grey is very trendy these days, and we needed to add something to this massive interior design staple. We went with these colours for our Wooden Venetian Blinds as they are suitable for office use as well as in the home.

The colour grey is entirely neutral and fresh. This is an ideal base colour for any interior design colour scheme. It is conservative and sophisticated and allows one to be bold in other areas of interior design like accent walls, furniture pieces and flooring selections. The Dove Grey Wooden Venetian Blinds are a light grey with its feminine, and Grey Wash is quite diluted in colour making it great for an industrial, masculine interior feel.

However, how will these two colours play out in the grander scheme of interior design?

Here are few interior design colour schemes in which you can incorporate our new Wooden Venetian Blinds colours.

  1. GREY & WHITE 

White has always been a base colour for any interior design. Practically speaking, more people have white walls or white cupboards. An excellent way to incorporate grey into an already white space would be to add the Dove Grey Venetian Blinds as a feature element to the room. This will create a cohesive flow to the area but also disrupt the harsh feel of white walls or cupboards.

Using this combination will create a feeling of sophistication and a feeling of a loft without having to invest too much money in it.


This is the marriage between two massive interior design trends – Bright yellow and soft grey (particularly the Grey Wash tone). Paint your feature wall yellow and install the Grey Wash Venetian Blinds. They will juxtapose each other creating that current new development look and feel to your home. Add rustic furniture, and you will have a trendy palace of your own.

  1. GREY & TEAL 

This masculine combination is ideal for a home study or office spaces. With a bold teal feature wall or teal occasional chair, you can match the Dove Grey Venetian Blinds perfectly into these colour spaces. The Dove Grey is soft enough to compliment the dark teal elements, bringing in the light as well. Leather furnishings and a dark wooden desk complete the space well in conjunction with the Dove Grey Venetian Blinds.

Splash out on your interiors with breaking the bank this season. Give us a shout to find out more.


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