2019 Window Treatment Trends

Trends are forever changing, and the world of window treatments and blinds make no exception. Staying on top of all the rapidly emerging novelties can feel like an overwhelming task at times.
It goes without a saying that windows are a central part of your home and office design and can frame your view outside or enhance your building’s interior, it’s critical to choose window treatments or coverings that do your windows justice.

So, this month our team went out to find hottest blinds and materials for your design and in that spirit, here are some of the main trends of 2019 for window blinds that are sure to give your home the modern and feel.

Executive Blinds

1. Fabric Blinds

Want the soft and luxurious look of curtains but also like the ease-of-use and practicality of blinds? Well then, fabric blinds blend both of these together beautifully and they are a firm favourite in the world of interior design in 2019.

Have a look at our Roman Blinds if you’d like an example of this 2019 window treatment trend.

Executive Blinds

2. Motorised Blinds

These days comfort and convenience is the order of the day and that’s what our second trend is all about. In 2019 window treatment trends are big on motorisation or automation.  As an increasing number of household utilities are being automated – like lighting and appliances – it makes sense that window treatments are being automated too. I mean who doesn’t want to draw their blinds or shutters at the touch of a button?

Executive Blinds

3. Composite Window Covering Materials

Improvements in window treatment technology have allowed new and improved blind and shutter materials to be made, namely, composites which combine two different materials to form a better, stronger material.

The reason composite window covering materials are so popular is because they feature properties such as heat and water resistance, which makes them the perfect materiel for use in areas such as the kitchen and bathroom.

Take a look at our Venetian Blinds for a better idea of what composites have to offer.

To sum it up, 2019 window treatment trends are all about combining fashion and functionality. Whether it’s smart materials, luxurious looking blinds or motorisation, you certainly can’t go wrong with any one of these great trends!

Get in touch with our team to have these trends as part of your home. At Executive Blinds we are here to make your home look stunning and elegant.


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