2 Ways to Protect Your Furniture Using Sheerweave Blinds

We all know that purchasing a home can be a frustrating process at times. Once you have acquired the property, getting it furnished is the next step big step, and it is not a cheap exercise. When purchasing a couch, dining table and chairs, coffee table and television unit, we prefer to buy quality over quantity as we would like to keep these items around for 10+ years. We also want to make sure these items of furniture remain in the best condition possible.

Living in South Africa, we have sun all year round. In winter, the sun can still be harsh, and temperatures can get up to 26-degree Celsius. In summer, temperatures get up to 36-degree Celsius. If you have a home with large windows, patio doors or have direct sun coming in through openings, your furniture will most likely be affected by the sun.

Here are two ways to protect your furniture from sun damage using some common sense, treatments and Sheerweave Blinds.

  • Pay Attention to the Fabric Type

When selecting a couch, for example, pay close attention to the fabric type. Certain fabrics (leather or suede) might fade and damage over time. Polyester might be a better option as it often is more resistant to discolouration.

Sun exposure on leather pieces causes significant fading and drying, especially if it sits directly adjacent to a window. To avoid this, you can apply a leather conditioner to the piece, in addition to limiting sun exposure.

The perfect way to limit sun exposure is by installing Sheerweave Blinds. They manage sun and glare significantly without restricting the light that comes into your home. If you cherish the natural light but would like to preserve your leather/fabric couches, loveseat etc. you will be able to do so with our Sheerweave Blind options.

  • Consider the colour

When purchasing your furniture, whether it is wood, upholstered pieces or leather pieces, the colour affects how much sun damage it would incur. For example, darker pieces of leather attract more sunlight and will, therefore, fade a lot faster than lighter pieces.

As mentioned above, applying a conditioner to your leather pieces will be helpful in addition to decreasing the exposure to light by installing Sheerweave Blinds. Furthermore, your wood pieces can be protected by applying varnish or lacquer to the furniture to seal in colour, and this protects it from sun damage over time. In addition, the Sheer Weave interior sun control fabric will protect your wooden pieces and have them looking new for years to come.


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