2 Reasons Why Blinds are a Better Choice to Curtains

Blinds are an extraordinary expansion to any home. Besides the sleek look, they have the capacity of giving your home a look that is current while also being a great insulator in hot and cold conditions.

Blinds are far more versatile than curtains and come in many different styles and can also provide many different practical applications you can’t achieve with curtains. Blinds can also be fit in a number of different ways making them potentially less obtrusive in comparison to curtains.

Unlike curtains, the upkeep of blinds is simple since they don’t need to be washed. Curtains take up a lot of space when they get drawn back and this is an issue for individuals with small homes, whereas when blinds drawn back they do not take up much space, making them ideal for most homes.

Blinds don’t only protect interiors by keeping the heat out or sealing the heat inside in winter, they are also a means of filtering the light in and out of a room. Blinds have a great way of deflecting direct light coming into the home without blocking out the complete view or making it seem like it is night time.

The decision between blinds or curtains in a home can be a difficult one. Here are just two reasons to consider blinds over curtains.


When it comes to maintenance, you have to think about washing the curtains. Curtains need to be washed quite often and this makes them more likely to lose colour. For this reason, many people prefer to have several pairs of curtains so that when one pair gets dirty, it is replaced with a clean one and the dirty one is washed and kept for later use. This increases the overall maintenance cost.

When blinds are installed, they require little maintenance, unlike curtains which you have to take down and wash. Blinds may require special cleaning, however, the labour isn’t nearly as difficult as it is with curtains and it saves a lot more time. If you require blinds in an area that will require more maintenance than normal there are certain styles and fabrics that are hardier than others.

Aesthetic factor

Curtains in living rooms and public areas are often suited to homes or areas that are less modern. Curtains come in different patterns and colours which can ensure that the theme within a home is upheld but detract from the modern vision created by blinds.

On the other hand, those who prefer their living rooms to look fully modern will go for blinds.  The best part about choosing blinds is that there is such a wide range to choose from.

Blinds come in elegant designs with different colours and sizes. Varied materials like wood, aluminium and even fabric are used to craft blinds. These days, motorised blinds are in great demand, which makes choosing blinds over curtains the more convenient and superior choice.

There are several more reasons to choose blinds over curtains, which we will allude to in our forthcoming content.

Blinds are a great alternative to curtains and have numerous benefits to consider and if you remain unsure, why not install blinds and maintain curtains as well to receive the benefits of both?


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