Three Additional Advantages to Automated Blinds: Introducing Automated Curtains

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11th Feb 2019
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14th Mar 2019
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We enjoy sharing the power of automated blinds. In our previous blog, we had a look a few of the advantages of this product offering. They included the convenience, the efficiency, the lifespan and the functionality of the automated blinds.  In this blog, we will look at four more advantages along with introducing our new product offering – automated curtains. Yes, at Executive blinds you are now able to call us to motorize your curtains. How cool is that? We will blog about this shortly so do keep an eye on our social media platforms.

We have taken our automation to another level as we believe home automation to be such a great product offering. Let’s dive into four more advantages of automated blinds.

Three Additional Benefits of Automated Blinds

  1. Automated blinds assist with smart lighting

Many homes have a smart lighting system integrated into their house – especially if the home is modern and newly built. Why? Smart light provides energy efficiency to the home. Automated blinds can be integrated in the same way to assist with energy consumption. Furthermore, this will allow homeowners to maximise the amount of natural light that comes into the house which will cut down on electricity usage.

  1. Automated blinds provide added safety

When you have kids in the home, cords and strings that operate blinds can be a hazard to those inquisitive toddlers – Thus making motorised/automated blinds a great safety feature for your home. This applies to homeowners with overactive pets. Another benefit within the safety category is that in the event of a small smoke situation in the house, you can quickly open your blinds and windows to allow the smoke to escape with ease.

  1. Automated blinds provide added security

When locking up at the end of the day, you can do so with ease and efficiency. Grab your remote and click away. That way you have more time to watch your favourite shows on Netflix.

We are excited to be adding these benefits to your curtains as well through our automated curtains. If you have not yet considered motorized blinds, be sure to read our previous blog on this top. We are sure you will find it interesting.

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