Venetian blinds

24th Sep 2019
Executive Blinds

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Blinds Over Curtains

When it’s time to choose window furnishings there are only two options to choose from, you either go for blinds or curtains. Some people want to […]
1st Sep 2019
Executive Blinds

How to Spring Clean Venetian Blinds

Springtime is here, so is the perfect time to have your house spring cleaned. When its spring-cleaning time, many people focus on cleaning the rest of […]
9th May 2019
Executive Blinds

A step by step guide to keeping aluminium venetian blinds clean

With Winter approaching most of our windows will stay closed, which ultimately sees the blinds hardly opened as well. This also means the blinds are now […]
15th Apr 2019
Executive Blinds

Easy steps to cleaning Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds look great on any window frame; this continues to make them an absolute favourite in many homes across the world. However, many home-owners face […]