bamboo blinds

8th Apr 2019
Executive Blinds

4 Reasons why you should choose Bamboo Blinds

Choosing new window blinds isn’t as easy as it seems, especially with the wide range of options at your disposal. However, if you’re looking for a […]
26th Nov 2018
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How To Keep Your Bamboo Blinds Clean

It is that time of the year when you start to wind down and spend some much needed time at home. However, when you are spending […]
13th Aug 2018
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The Design Benefits of Bamboo Blinds

From time to time we all look for new and creative ways to spruce up our homes and changeup or interior styles. We look at Pinterest […]
24th Jul 2017
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Bamboo blinds are growing in popularity and it’s no surprise when you consider all the positive qualities of bamboo blinds. BAMBOO BLINDS ARE VERSATILE Bamboo Venetian blinds […]