1st Sep 2020
Executive Blinds

6 Ideal Blinds for Office Environments

Windows without a covering or window treatment might bring in a lot of light, but with that light comes an assortment of otherwise avoidable problems. And […]
1st Aug 2020
Executive Blinds

How to Save Energy with your Blinds

Well, what are energy-saving blinds? To answer this seemingly simple question, we first need to establish what energy we’re talking about and why we need to […]
28th Aug 2019
Executive Blinds

2019 Window Treatment Trends

Trends are forever changing, and the world of window treatments and blinds make no exception. Staying on top of all the rapidly emerging novelties can feel […]
1st Aug 2019
Executive Blinds

Trends – Window Blinds to Inspire You This Spring

Spring is only a few weeks away, which means it’s almost time for some long-overdue spring cleaning and treating your house to some new curtains or […]