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18th May 2017
Executive Blinds

Three Advantages of Bamboo Venetian Blinds

In this chaotic and beautiful modern world, society is slowly starting to realise just how important our earthly habitat is. Constantly finding new ways to encourage […]
2nd May 2017
Executive Blinds

Shutters vs. Blinds: What’s the difference?

Whether it is merely a design aspect to choose from or to ensure that only a few rays of sunlight are allowed to creep in during […]
25th Apr 2017
Executive Blinds

Shades vs. Blinds: The Difference

Blinds and shades are terms that many people use interchangeably, but you may be surprised to know that they are two different types of window which […]
28th Mar 2017
Executive Blinds

2 Reasons Why Blinds are a Better Choice to Curtains

Blinds are an extraordinary expansion to any home. Besides the sleek look, they have the capacity of giving your home a look that is current while […]