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24th Jul 2017
Executive Blinds


Bamboo blinds are growing in popularity and it’s no surprise when you consider all the positive qualities of bamboo blinds. BAMBOO BLINDS ARE VERSATILE Bamboo Venetian blinds […]
13th Jul 2017
Executive Blinds

How Security Shutters Add to Home Security

Professor Zinn, a senior lecturer in Forensic and Crime investigation at the University of South Africa, shared his findings after interviewing 30 convicted and incarcerated criminals […]
13th Jun 2017
Executive Blinds

What’s the Importance of Security Shutters?

What turns a bland and vacant house into a vibrant and cheery home? Well its valuables, of course. These valuables can come in such a vast […]
25th May 2017
Executive Blinds

What are the benefits of Motorised Blinds?

Luckily, for us, the Stone Age has come and gone while technology has only progressed and improved. Automation has become a fundamental part of everyday life […]